Curved Grip XL Detailing Brush – Ultra Soft Bristle

Sizable bristle heads for cleaning large areas
Ergonomic, full grip handle to keep your hand cramp-free
Ultra soft bristles for delicate yet thorough cleaning
Chemical resistant and rubberized handle material
Included drying/storage rack for optimum organization and care



Achieve precise and comfortable detailing with Maxclean’s Curved Grip XL Detailing Brush. For delicate areas requiring a gentle touch, the Ultra-Soft bristle head is the perfect choice. Its soft bristles ensure a tender and meticulous clean, ideal for intricate detailing tasks. With the ergonomic and chemical resistant handle, and swappable brush head capabilities, Maxclean’s Curved Grip XL Brush makes detailing a seamless experience. Get the utmost precision and care with the Ultra-Soft brush for your delicate detailing needs.


Technical Specifications

Art.N° Dia. Handle Length Hair Length Color Handle Material
MC052-1 2.52 in 3.09 in 2.36 in (60mm) Grey & Black PP & PTE
Hair Material:Ultra Soft Bristle
Package Includes:1pc Ultra Soft Bristle Brush, 1pc Holder
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