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Ultra Soft Handled Detailing Brush

Tag: MC048


Synthetic Wool Brush Kits

Tags: MC047-L, MC047-M, MC047-S

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Detailing Brush–Classic Boar'S Hair Mixed

Tags: MC038-L, MC038-S


Mini Pet Hair Car Carpet SawTooth Brush

Tag: MC041

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Wheel Brush​

Tags: MC017, MC018

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Ergonomic Tire Brush

Tag: MC020


Wheel Woolies – 3 Pack

Tags: MC016-L, MC016-M, MC016-S

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Horsehair Cleaning Brush

Tag: MC022

Maxclean - Make Cleaning Simple

We promise we will never stop making progress and being more professional in detailing

About Maxclean

MaxClean is a subsidiary of MaxShine, a well-known brand in the automotive detailing industry. MaxClean was founded in 2020, with the background and reason being that MaxShine had a large number of clients with high requirements for premium quality and unique detailing brushes. They searched for a supplier had the experience or ability to design and manufacture those premium and customized detailing brushes. As a solution, MaxClean was established to provide high-quality and innovative detailing brushes for the automotive industry. MaxShine and their premium clients had those new designed detailing brushes on trail for two years, during which time they kept tweaking and adjusting to improve the functions and the user feelings of brush. MaxClean offers OEM and ODM projects and has strong experience in developing and manufacturing detailing brushes. They have a team of professional who are dedicated to innovation and manufacturing professional unique detailing brushes that can effectively clean hard-to-reach areas of vehicles.
If you’re looking for high quality, premium and unique detailing brushes for your automotive needs, MaxClean is a great choice. They provide excellent customer service and innovative products that are designed to meet the demands of professional detailers and car enthusiasts alike.

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