Curved Grip XL Detailing Brush

Model : MC043 Series

Sizable,Two different bristle heads are available for customers to choose for cleaning large areas.
Ergonomic, full grip handle to keep your hand cramp-free.
Chemical resistant and rubberized handle material.
Included drying/storage rack for optimum organization and care.

For delicate areas that need a soft touch choose the Ultra-Soft bristle head. Swap in the strong yet soft Mixed Boar’s Hair bristles for deep cleaning, perfect for both interiors and exteriors.

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Detail larger areas quickly and comfortably with MaxShine’s Curved Grip XL Detailing Brush.
Easily swap the bristle head you need into the ergonomic handle and get detailing.


Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size Hair Material Handle Material
MC043-1 3.3 in x 5.9 in Ultra-Soft Bristle PP & TPE
MC043-2 3.3 in x 5.9 in Mixed Boar’s Bristle PP & TPE
MC043-KIT 3.3 in x 5.9 in 1 pc Ultra-Soft Bristle and 1pc Mixed Boar’s Bristle PP & TPE
          Included drying / storage rack
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