Synthetic Wool Wheel Brush

Ergonomic, Comfortable Design Makes Cleaning Tough to Reach Areas Easier – Cleans Behind Wheel Spokes, Inner Barrel, Brake Calipers & More.


Every detail in the Spoke Brush was carefully assessed – soft chemical resistant bristles and no slip grip. This brush was crafted for comfort, effectiveness, and maximum cleaning power every wheel car wash!

Short handle for easy scrubbing – Premium Spoke Brush, 25cm length 5.5cm diameter, is equipped with a custom short-handle design that provides more stability, precision and easier control around your wheels.

Compared to other brushes, we have increased the fiber density giving you a soft feel and more absorbency.

Our chemical resistant fiber bristles are gentle on your wheels and resist even the harshest wheel acid cleaners, wheel cleaners, all purpose cleaners or other chemical products!


Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size Length Hair Part Length  Hair Dia Material
MC045 25×12.5x6cm 25cm 12.5cm 6cm Synthetic Wool Brush
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