Mixed Bristle Detailing Stubby Brush

Comfortable and secure textured stubby grip
Densely packed bristles provide efficient and thorough cleaning
Perfect for interior and exterior use
Effortless deep cleaning, wet or dry


MaxClean’s Mixed Bristle Detailing Stubby Brush is the ultimate tool for achieving efficient and thorough car cleaning, whether you’re working on the exterior or interior of your vehicle.

Designed with the needs of professional detailers in mind, this brush is a game-changer when it comes to cleaning car interiors. With its innovative design, you’ll be able to tackle tough dirt and grime in less time and with minimal effort. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning sessions and hello to a pristine interior.
Not only is the Maxshine Detailing Stubby Brush perfect for interior detailing, but it also excels at restoring extremely dirty
exterior spots to a shining finish. Whether you’re dealing with stubborn stains, bird droppings, or road grime, this brush is up to the task. Its mixed bristle composition ensures effective cleaning without causing any damage to delicate surfaces.
Comfort is a top priority, and that’s why the Maxshine Detailing Stubby Brush features an ergonomic grip. Say goodbye to finger fatigue and discomfort during long cleaning sessions. This brush provides a secure and comfortable hold, allowing you to clean with ease and precision.
Built to meet the needs of auto detailing enthusiasts, the Maxshine Detailing Stubby Brush offers superior performance and convenience. It’s a reliable companion that will exceed your expectations, providing outstanding results every time.
Invest in the Maxshine Mixed Bristle Detailing Stubby Brush and experience the difference it can make in your car cleaning
routine. With its exceptional quality, innovative design, and reliable performance, it’s a must-have tool for any car enthusiast or professional detailer seeking remarkable cleaning results.


Technical Specifications

Art.N° Color Handle Length Plastic Circle Diameter Bristle Length Weight
MC051 Black & Red 5 inches 1.49 inches 2 inches 4.23oz
Material: 20% Boar’s Hair & 80% PET
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